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Rob Black hosts a thirty minute program “Rob Black & Your Money” every Monday at 11 a.m. PST on Channel 4 KRON. He is also featured Monday — Thursday at 6:45 am, 9:15 am and 5:45 pm on Channel 4 KRON in San Francisco. Rob is always on the hunt for financial news you can use. Audiences gain valuable information and education about what is happening in the financial world, and viewers can utilize this education to make money. To tap directly into Rob’s Wall Street expertise, watch the show and try to figure out why Rob selected the stories that he did. He tries hard to make sure that every story has a lesson in it so that you can become better investors. Rob will take your questions via email at

“Rob Black & Your Money”
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Flamboyant, irreverent, over—the—top, and smart as a whip, Rob Black personifies fortune—making spirit of today’s marketplace. Combining his uncanny ability to predict market winners & losers with his groundbreaking use of the callers information. Black combines market savvy, an eagle eye for brand positioning, and a unique style of fired—up energy to put audiences of the on the road to financial success. To tap directly into Rob’s Wall Street expertise, give him a call on the show hotline. Rob wants to speak with you! Call toll free at 1—800—516—1220. You can hear the show live from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on KDOW 1220. You can hear the show anywhere in America via the live stream at

“Rob Black & Your Money”
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Rob is now bringing his unique financial and market perspective to a daily Podcast. This Podcast report will contain Rob’s valuable insights on where the market is today and, more importantly, where it’s going. He’ll share his vision on individual companies and what is driving their success or failure. This Podcast will dig deep and provide detail on companies making the news. Expect to learn about your money and the financial markets with unique content heard no where else.

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“Rob Black & Your Money”
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Rob brings his financial and market perspective to you on Youtube Channel “Rob Black Show”, Twitter “robblackshow” and Facebook Group Page “I Hate Rob Black” and Facebook Fan Page “KRON 4 Rob Black”