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Rob Black hosts financial seminars, workshops and webinars almost on a monthly basis. The seminar content is similar to his media format, but more topic—driven. Financial seminars and workshops can be an effective tool for gathering information, but sadly, most fail to meet expectations. Rob and his experts give real information that you will be able to apply to your financial plan. Rob uses seminars as a way to interact with the audience, fundraiser, and educational tool/resource for the community.

Retirement Income and Tax Planning Seminar


Thursday, February 06, 2020 6:30–8:30 p.m. Elks Lodge 4249 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306 Registration is $25. Retirement planning is more complicated than ever, and it can be hard to even know where to begin. But focusing on a few essential issues can help increase your income in retirement and your chances of enjoying a secure future. Please join us for our Retirement Income and Tax Planning Seminar.* Rob Black will share market happenings and trends, while Chad Burton, CFP®, will discuss:
  • Minimizing taxes in retirement after the 2017 tax reform
  • Transitioning your portfolio from the accumulation phase to the income phase
  • Choosing the right accounts to draw from first
  • Minimizing your retirement income taxes
  • Selecting optimal Social Security strategies
  • Discerning good and bad retirement products
  • Managing IRAs and 401(k)s in retirement
  • Measuring risk in your portfolio
  • Protecting your estate from long-term-care costs

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*Please note: Strategies discussed in these seminars are appropriate for individuals with $500,000 or more in assets.