Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 7.41.41 PMAfter a lifetime of hard work, you’ve earned a comfortable retirement. For most people, a happy retirement starts with having the financial security needed to afford your lifestyle.

The good news is that by researching your options, developing a retirement plan that works well for your unique needs, and partnering with a trustworthy financial advisor, you may increase the chances that you have a financially secure retirement. 

The Retirement Planning Guide for People Who Don’t Want to Work Forever guides your goal setting and planning for:

  • Envisioning your retirement lifestyle

  • Establishing a practical timeline for retirement

  • Understanding retirement savings vehicles

  • Investing in additional retirement planning strategies

  • Managing risk in retirement

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“You will not be able to control the directional moves of the market. However, maintaining a long-term discipline will allow you to avoid the financial pitfalls that result from succumbing to your emotions during periods of market turmoil.”


Adam Phillips, CFA, CFP® - Director of Portfolio Strategy, EP Wealth Advisors, LLC

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