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Market Updates with Rob Black

Stocks Fall to Start the Thanksgiving Week, Disney Shares Rise After Bob Iger Brought Back, Americans Wager $1.8B on World Cup

Market Update: Rob talks with Director of Portfolio Strategy about the 4th Quarter 2022

Stocks Slip as Market Digests Economic Data, Credit Card Debt Jumps the Biggest Amount in 20 Years, Taylor Swift Demand Exposes Ticketmaster

Markets Rise with PPI Report Showing Inflation is Slowing, What a Democratic Senate and GOP House Could Mean, Free Returns May Become a Thing of the Past

Market Does Some Algebra, Fans Shell Out Thousands for Swift Tour, ‘Black Panther’ Notches November Record

Stocks Lower After Huge October Rally, Markets Rally as Inflation Wanes Slightly, Bitcoin Plunges, Investors Could See Big Losses, Disney Sees Losses in Streaming and Parks

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