About Rob:

Honest, straightforward, and to the point, that's how Rob Black describes his approach to financial education. A popular TV, radio, and podcast personality for more than twenty-five years, Rob brings a whole new level of fired-up energy and GenX attitude to financial talk programming. It's all framed in a simple, straightforward approach with actionable steps to help you achieve your current money-minded goals and prepare you for your future. While sharing the knowledge he's reaped from his career as a Money Manager, Registered Investment Advisor, and financial media expert, Rob always leads his audience with an education-first approach. Listeners reap the benefits of Rob's market experience and his team of trusted advisors who come to his program discussing their money management approach. Rob is pleased to offer EP Wealth Advisors as one of those trusted partners and encourages you to reach out to them and learn more about their unique approach to wealth management.

The People’s Source for Financial Information and News

Rob Black’s financial management expertise comes from decades of experience as a Money Manager, Registered Investment Advisor, and financial media expert. In 1993, he founded Mercury Capital Management, where he served as CEO and portfolio strategist. Before he partnered with EP Wealth Advisors, Rob was the Co-Founder of New Focus Financial Group. In 2002, Rob moved to California, focusing on creating content that clicks with people from all financial backgrounds.

Speaker, TV, Radio and Podcast Host

Rob began making radio and TV appearances in 1996 and eventually started hosting his own nationally syndicated radio show in 2002. A sought after public speaker at universities and corporations. Rob’s work has been featured on Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Barron’s and more. You might have also seen him on CNBC, Bloomberg or Fox News. He now serves as a Radio Host and content provider for EP Wealth Advisors. You can find his podcast, Rob Black and Your Money, on all the top podcast hosting platforms.