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Dow Rises After Assassination Attempt on Trump | Trump Re-election Marks All Over the Market

S&P 500 Rises for a 7th Straight Day | Americans are Going Into Debt for Summer Fun | Tesla’s Share of Electric Car Market Below 50%


S&P 500 Rises to Record | The US Housing Slump Deepened this Spring | How Much Does a Pool Cost? Too Much

🔹2024 Mid-Year Market Returns
🔹Earnings Season & Big Banks 
🔹Jobs Report Showed Slowing 
🔹Jerome Powell Senate Testimony
🔹Half Year Market Returns
🔹2nd Half 2024 Thoughts
🔹Current Election Notes 
🔹Jobs Report on Friday
🔹 Is Market Breadth Improving? 
🔹 Politics Heat Up in France & US
🔹 1st Time Unemployment Examined
🔹 Global Travel Hitting Records

Stocks Lower After Huge October Rally, Growing Cost of the Royal Family, Elton John’s Farewell Tour is Big Money

This one is my favorite TV hit as I dress as a witch and it is solid financial advice.
Me interviewing Chad many years ago on TV
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