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Markets Claw Back After Fed-Induced Sell-Off | TikTok Set for Grilling in House Hearing | Rob Answers Your Questions

Stocks Waver as Fed Meeting Over Interest Rate Looms | It’s Been a Year of Rate Hikes From the Fed | AirBnB Vacation Rentals are Changing

Stocks Surge as Yellen Pledges Support for Banks | Home Sales Spike 14.5% in February | Netflix Pushes Into the Video Game Industry

- Growth is Outperforming Value
- Fed Reserve Decision Wednesday
- Inflation & Financial Stability Talk
- Dealing with Stressed Banks

- Who is Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)?
- How Silicon Valley Bank imploded
- Did the Federal Reserve break SVB?
- Should Americans be Concerned?

- Markets Year-To-Date Update
- Fixed Income Strategy Talk
- Jerome Powell Goes to Congress
- JOLTs and Job Report Pending

Stocks Lower After Huge October Rally, Growing Cost of the Royal Family, Elton John’s Farewell Tour is Big Money

This one is my favorite TV hit as I dress as a witch and it is solid financial advice.
Me interviewing Chad many years ago on TV
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