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Stocks Fall to Start the Thanksgiving Week, Disney Shares Rise After Bob Iger Brought Back, Americans Wager $1.8B on World Cup

Stocks Slip as Market Digests Economic Data, Credit Card Debt Jumps the Biggest Amount in 20 Years, Taylor Swift Demand Exposes Ticketmaster

Markets Rise with PPI Report Showing Inflation is Slowing, What a Democratic Senate and GOP House Could Mean, Free Returns May Become a Thing of the Past

This is a replay of Rob talking with EP Wealth's Director of Portfolio Strategy about the 4th Quarter 2023.  This is a long form replay of a webinar that EP Wealth provides in-house to clients and others

- Markets Reversed in November
- Fed Meeting Recap: No Pivot Yet
- Inflation Reading on Thursday
- Election Returns Post Mid-Terms

- Markets Rebound in October
- Fed Reserve Meeting on Wednesday
- Jobs Report & Openings on Tap
- Mid-Term Elections & Markets  

Stocks Lower After Huge October Rally, Growing Cost of the Royal Family, Elton John’s Farewell Tour is Big Money

This one is my favorite TV hit as I dress as a witch and it is solid financial advice.
Me interviewing Chad many years ago on TV
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