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Nasdaq Rises Fresh Record High Boosted by Nvidia | New Weight-Loss Drugs Soar Amongst Kids & Young Adults | Average US Vehicle Age Hits Record 12.6 Years


Stocks Awaits Nvidia Earnings this Afternoon | Home Sales Slip Unexpectedly in April | Amazon’s Alexa to Get AI Overhaul & Subscription

Stocks Wobble After Record Highs | Job Market is Hard for New Graduates | Going into Debt to Buy Groceries 

🔹 Markets Year-To-Date Returns
🔹 Consumer Inflation Weakens
🔹 Nvidia & Artificial Intelligence
🔹 Pros of  International Exposure 
🔹Market Returns Year-to-Date
🔹Fed Reserve Settles Markets 
🔹Goldilocks & The Jobs Report
🔹Time To Sell In May & Go Away?
🔹Market Returns Year-to-Date
🔹Earnings Beating Expectations
🔹Are We Experiencing Stagflation
🔹Role of the Federal Reserve

Stocks Lower After Huge October Rally, Growing Cost of the Royal Family, Elton John’s Farewell Tour is Big Money

This one is my favorite TV hit as I dress as a witch and it is solid financial advice.
Me interviewing Chad many years ago on TV
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